We’re sorry to say that from January 2016 we will no longer be running Ladies Who Code in it’s current form. But the good news is that the membership base will continue to be supported by two new autonomous groups from the people that originally set up LWC.

“Ladies of Code” will be led by European chapter leader Angie Maguire out of Berlin and “League of Women Coders” will be led by US chapter leader Shoshi Roberts out of New York. It’s been a fantastic 5 years for LWC and we’re proud to have achieved our mission of creating a welcoming space where women coders can hack, chat, and learn together. We would like to thank everyone that’s helped us to do this over the years and wish Angie and Shoshi all the best with the next stage in their journey.

League of Women Coders

League of Women Coders (US)

League of Women Coders is a grassroots collective that focusses on coding, hacking, and learning together. We’re like a book club for superhero women coders. We believe we can do the most good in our own communities, as such we favor local and effective groups over growth for growth’s sake. No money will ever be exchanged here, by anyone. We do what we do for love of the community. You’ll find us championing free software, debating the best uses for ternary operators, defending against trolls, sharing what we know, and supporting each other in every way we can.

Ladies of Code

Ladies of Code (EU)

Ladies of Code is an international community of professional women developers. Through our series of global meetups, scholarships and conferences we support the technology leaders of today and tomorrow. Formerly Ladies Who Code, we’re excited to offer more opportunities for our members to develop their careers and be part of an amazing community of like-minded professionals. For more info you can read our full announcement and follow us on Twitter @ladiesofcode for all the latest news.